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Getting Ready for 2022-2023
Virtual Info Session & Course Selection
A warm welcome message from our principal Ms.Alexander
Welcome to 2022-2023 Virtual Parent Information Night
SST-Champions High School Parent Information
Please schedule a Zoom or in-person meeting if you have any questions.
Location: Zoom or SST-Champions
Click here to schedule a Zoom meeting
Email us to schedule an in-person meeting ([email protected])
Please start by following the SIX steps below for course selection. We share our usual parent info night presentation video to allow you to have as much information as possible before you join our virtual info session. We will answer your other questions during our info session. 
Thank you for your patience and flexibility
Please watch our recorded info session video and/or preview the info session presentation below.  
SST Champions - Incoming 9th Grade Student / Parent Presentation
SST Champions - Rising Sophomore Online Course Selection
How to Complete Online Course Selection
Correction: Eligible students will take two dual credit courses each semester in 10th grade. I accidentally misexplained in the video.
You can use the course selection sheet to guide you on what courses choose and research.  You will explore our pathways and course catalog page below.
Evaluate your progress toward graduation: It is important to know you are progressing. We will meet and evaluate your UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT to review your credits at the end of each semester. If you have any questions, please stop by our office. We have an OPEN DOOR policy at SST-Champions.
Research courses: We highly recommend you check recommended prerequisites in our course catalog before you complete the course selection. Our academic counselors and student success coaches will guide you during one-on-one course selection meetings.
What is Pre-AP?
What is AP?
What is Dual Credit?
Pre-AP Connect Students to AP Courses
After you watched the recorded info session and/or review our presentation, please feel free to submit your questions for review. We will answer your questions and publish the "answers to your questions" page.
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Click here to read Answers to Questions (under construction)
All incoming freshmen' parent info sessions will be hosted via ZOOM. Our info sessions are open to all parents and students. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to attend. We will host four different info sessions this year. Please RSVP to receive the zoom meeting link.
Future Info Sessions will be announced here!
Coming soon!
If you missed all of our info sessions, you can still schedule a one-on-one meeting and get information about our high school program. Please watch our recorded info session and email our academic counselor ([email protected]) to schedule a meeting. We look forward to meeting the wonderful students and families of SST-Champions High School.
Select your preferred courses by following the directions. The following documents will help you to choose the correct courses available at your grade level. 
The course selection will be completed 100% online.
  • Rising 10th-grade students will complete official course selection on Skyward between December 1 and January 1.
  • The incoming 9th-grade students' course selection will be completed online (Click here to reach online course selection form) or with AP of CCMR over Zoom or in-person meeting. Additionally, the incoming 9th graders should be completed a 4-year graduation plan (Click here to reach online 4-Year Graduation Plan form). 4-Year graduation plan might be completed online or with AP of CCMR (Assistant Principal of College, Career, Military Readiness) via Zoom or in-person meeting. 
  • All documents will be signed electronically.
For questions, you might schedule an in-person or Zoom meeting. 
Questions about Course Selection or High School (Who is the correct person?)
If you have any questions, please email our AP of CCMR at [email protected]
Attention: Incoming 9th Graders
Our AP of CCMR or a student success coach will meet with students and parents to complete the 4-Year Graduation Plan. All of the meetings will be hosted via ZOOM or in-person. Please schedule your 4-Year Graduation Plan meeting by following the directions below.
  1. Complete online course selection
  2. Click here to schedule a one-on-one course selection meeting! If our availability does not fit in your schedule, please email us your availability. We will do our best to schedule a meeting during your availability. 
  3. Electronically signed completed course selection form and 4-Year Graduation Plan
Congratulations! You have completed all the necessary steps. We might contact you if there is any schedule conflict. You can email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need to schedule a meeting.
Attention: Rising 10th Graders
You already met with your student success coach. If you have any questions, you can talk to your student success coach or AP of CCMR.