Our Mission

SST Students learning

School of Science and Technology Champions is a tuition-free public charter school focused on STEM education and serves students PK-7 in Houston.


High Expectations

Every student will learn and grow into a successful and productive citizen.

Dedicated Staff

We do whatever it takes to help our students reach their goals. Student success is extremely important to us, which is why we have a 100% college graduation rate and a 99% high school graduation rate. We provide resources for all students to help them along with their academic career throughout their K-12 journey.

Working Together

Our students, parents, staff work together to create our SST Family, a community of strong success and dedication.

Character Matters

We guide our students to value integrity, show respect, and be responsible.

STEM for All

Every student will graduate with a strong understanding and appreciation of STEM and how it connects to the real world.